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The resources section of this website is designed to provide litigators with the essential tools to assist in the defence of foreign national offenders.

Please read the IJP's collection of sample foreign national briefs.

IJP Resources

Independent Resource Centers

  • Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program (MCLAP)

    The Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program is funded entirely by the Government of Mexico to attorneys represent the Government of Mexico in pre-trial, appellate, and post-conviction proceedings, and provide litigation support to defense counsel. MCLAP attorneys routinely refer defense counsel to competent experts and mitigation specialists, advise defense counsel regarding mitigation themes and investigations in Mexico, and provide sample briefs on a variety of legal issues. Depending on the case circumstances, MCLAP may also file amicus briefs on issues of international law, or provide other resources necessary to ensure Mexican nationals receive vigorous and effective representation.

    Counsel representing Mexican nationals are encouraged to contact the director of MCLAP for more information:

    Gregory J. Kuykendall
    Kuykendall & Associates
    531 South Convent Avenue
    Tucson, Arizona 85701
    Tel. 520-792-8033
    Website: http://kuykendall-law.com/
    Email: greg@kuykendall-law.com

  • The El Salvador Capital Assistance Project

    The government of El Salvador has recently established the El Salvador Capital Assistance Project. The Project assists nationals of El Salvador who are facing the death penalty at trial and in post conviction by providing litigation support and amicus briefs to attorneys handling these cases.

    If you are aware of an El Salvador national who is or may be facing the death penalty, please contact:

    Nick Trenticosta and Susana Herrero
    Attorneys at Law
    7100 St. Charles Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70118
    504-864-0780 fax

Other Resources