How Cryptocurrency is helping poor People

Bitcoin in Poor Countries

It’s known that countries around the world are on completely different economic levels. Take a first world country such as The United States of America and compare it with a third world country like Zimbabwe. Financial wise, America is a hundred times stronger than Zimbabwe, so where does cryptocurrency come into play? Governments, blockchain technology … Read more

IBM Partners with Stellar, a closer look

IBM Partners Stellar

The transfer of currency across borders have always been something that companies and any organization try to simplify as much as possible. Now with digital currency and revolutionized blockchain software, IBM the multinational technology company is making the sending and receiving of currency ten times better. With this new payment technology being developed it will … Read more

Why the Chinese ban on Cryptocurrencies will have no effect

Chinese Cryptocurrency Ban

The world is adapting to cryptocurrencies, yet China still outlaws it. With scams and other currency involved crimes being at such a high in China, especially in the capital Hong Kong, it was expected that China would view negatively towards the adoption of cryptocurrency. With the illegal activities like money laundering, you can be sure … Read more