There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year brimming with challenges. Our spirits have been tested like never before, as we’ve all done our best to muddle through this historically difficult time, and stay safe from the Coronavirus. Many of us have been forced to spend uncharacteristically long amounts of time inside of our homes, and through that, we’ve become more socially isolated than ever before. Folks have had to weather painfully long amounts of time without seeing family members.

What we’re ultimately getting at, is that it’s hard out there right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a heavy state of perpetual anxiety and disappointment due to these tough external circumstances. Now more than ever you’re presented with a beautiful opportunity to turn toward the path of self-improvement, and ultimately learn how to find that inner peace that remains no matter what’s happening around the world. So, let’s take a look at some helpful tips to turn this 2020 around before it’s all said and done!

1. Treat yourself with an at-home manicure.

Manicures just have an uncanny knack for soothing the soul and helping you unwind during tough times. That being said, most of us aren’t making visits to the salon due to Coronavirus. Instead, we’re all doing the best we can to figure out how to keep our nails, hair, and face looking fresh without the support of our go-to salon.

Now though, you have an easier way than ever to keep those nails looking captivating, without having to invest insane amounts of time to achieve your intended results. Yep, we’re talking about gel nails. This brilliant innovation lets you apply beautiful, custom-fit manis anywhere, and it takes less than five minutes. Doesn’t get much more time-efficient than that! Plus, each at-home mani set is personalized to such an extent that nobody else will be able to use yours. Sometimes elevating your mood and lifting yourself up out of the rut is really as easy as an at-home mani with some new gel nails to make you feel fabulous. When you opt for gel polish and a gel manicure you won’t have to spend a ton of time to get the job done!

2. Repair your relationship with help from a therapist.

The Coronavirus has forced many of us to spend an unprecedented amount of time with our partners. Old cherished pastimes like having your “me time” or ritualistic nights out with friends have become increasingly rare. Instead, you’re likely holed up with your partner, slowly driving one another insane, while you learn new things about each other that you never knew existed. This can be a beautiful time of enlightenment, but also a true test of how strong love is that you share for each other. During this time, it’s not completely unusual for painful secrets to come to light.

If you find yourself caught up in the middle of a heartbreaking revelation about infidelity, a devastating phone call, or a terrifying text message with your partner who ended up being a cheater, it’s a wise decision to get a professional, third party member involved. Therapists get paid to do what they do for a reason. Finding out about betrayal can make a necessary step like forgiveness feel completely impossible.

You might be at a loss over how to trust again after infidelity. You might feel like you’ll never be able to look at your partner again without seeing “cheater” written across their forehead. You’re only human, after all. Well, bringing a therapist into the mix can help chip away at that block of resentment you might have built around your heart since learning about your partner’s infidelity. You’ll learn about strategies for dealing with the emotional turmoil, and receive guidance on how to end things with one another smoothly so that nobody is emotionally scarred for a lifetime. You loved them at one point, and that’s always worth fighting for on some level.

3. Remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

Will all that extra time is spent at home, you’ve likely slowly accumulated a checklist of home improvements that you never realized you needed, but are dying to make. Well, consider treating yourself, and shelling out some of that hard-earned cash for your favorite of the many stunning bathroom vanity styles. You should consider a kitchen or bathroom remodel to be an investment in your happiness. You’ll actually start finding yourself looking forward to trips to the bathroom, or possessed by an unreal amount of glee when it comes time to cook up a meal in that kitchen that just got the flashy makeover with the newly customized cabinets.

4. Empower yourself against debt collection agencies.

It’s dangerously easy to bog down by the weight of ravenous debt collection agencies that bombard you with repeated, aggressive requests for money to cover your various debts. You can fall prey to the misinformed assumption that the debt collection agency isn’t breaking any rules strictly because they’re an official debt collection agency.

But just because they’re wearing the uniform or rocking the fancy collection agency title doesn’t mean that they’re not trying to take advantage of you. The best way to safeguard against being taken advantage of by any shady debt collection agencies is to team up with Your Legal Rights Advocates. These knowledgeable professionals go to bat for you when you otherwise are blind to all the rules of the game. You might end up saving yourself thousands of dollars, and a priceless amount of stress!

5. Add meditation to your daily routine.

Meditation’s been generating widespread praise for its ability to rewire the brain to such an extent that people end up leading more fulfilling lives if they make it a daily practice. Meditation is an unbelievably powerful tool when it comes to teaching your brain how to get more comfortable with facing externally uncomfortable circumstances. It helps you keep things present, and find gratitude for the silver linings in your life that you’d otherwise overlook. You don’t have to meditate for hours at a time to reap these benefits either—it’s as quick as 10 minutes a day. This can be a great window of time to center yourself, identify your goals, practice your gratitude, and ultimately hit the ground running with relaxed shoulders and an easy smile on your face.

6. Exercise regularly.

The amount of good that a quick walk around the neighborhood or an at-home workout can accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. It’s like being able to hit the reset button on the state of your psyche when you’d otherwise be left to muddle through the day with a weight on your soul. It’s crucial that we’re all finding ways to not spend all of our waking moments inside our respective homes. Fresh air serves as its own kind of medicine for the worrying mind. You pair that up with a little exercise and you’re golden. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy either. The general idea is to just get the blood pumping, and maybe a little bit of a sweat if you can manage it.

We’ve touched on some helpful tips that you can try out to turn your 2020 around. It’s undoubtedly been a tough year, and certainly, one that we’ll look back on one day with nothing short of amazement over how things got so dang crazy. But, there’s no better time to fortify your character and grow as a positive force in this world, than when you’re faced with true adversity like we all are right now. You can still make 2020 the year that you learned how to be tougher and happier than you ever imagined!