About IJP

The international justice project is a non profit organization that aims to help other NGOs when it comes the raising funds and financing initiatives that help those people in need. Many NGOs these days have come to realize that the reliance on traditional forms of finance like bank loans and cash can be troublesome.

As repressive governments try to crack down on NGOs that try to help people, they target their source of financing which is the lifeblood of the organization. Due to the fact that they have control over the financial institutions in their country, they are usually able to close these down with relative ease.

It is for this reason that a number of NGOs have seen the benefit in raising funds and contributions from benefactors in digital currencies and crypto currencies. These are not controlled by any one entity which means that these NGOs can operate without fear or favour.

We are the NGO portal to news and information on the cryptocurrency front. How do NGOs choose to store and invest in particular cyptoucurrenices and which way markets are likely to turn. We also like to help those NGOs and introduce them to prominent investors as well as crowd sourcing solutions.

There are a number of NGOs that see the benefits of raising funds through Initial Coin Offerings as this allows for frictionless contributions from a wide swathe of people across the world with spare cryptocurrency.

If you would like to ask for advice about how you raise financing as an NGO, please complete the forms below. If you are an institution or individual that would like to contribute to a reputable NGO, then you can also complete the form and we will get back to you.