There are many easy ways to reach new customers, without requiring significant investments or large-scale marketing campaigns. Companies are opting for both digital and offline marketing strategies that are cost-effective and highly targeted.

Customer voicemail drops, retargeting, local geofencing and content marketing are some of the more innovative forms of reaching new customers, which many firms are exploring actively. There’s also the more nuanced approach of locally targeting groups and communities, such as sponsoring a soccer team or putting flyers in colleges.

There are many easy ways to reach new customers, however, these strategies are some of the best ways to do so. They combine critical engagement strategies with scalable reach while being focused on driving call-to-actions.

Digital Advertising (Social Media, Search, Banners)

In the space of digital advertising, companies have complete control over who gets to see your message when. The rate at which digital advertising is expanding is allowing publishers to focus on more engaging material for readers to consume. Advertisers can also target their audience based on a range of factors such as interests, gender, age, demographics, and psychographics.

Earlier this year, the digital ad spending market grew larger than the traditional side of marketing outreach. This is a testament to the increased efficiencies that digital strategies bring to the table. Key areas such as social media, search and network advertising allow you to reach new customers every second of the day.

Direct Voicemail Drops (Customer Contact, Phone Lists, etc.)

Direct voicemail drops are some of the more sophisticated yet simple ways of reaching customers at scale. The top providers of voice mail drops offer cloud-based automated drops that can help you get your message across to opted consumers. You can even design your message in a fully customized manner while leaving a strong call to action at the end of the voicemail.

The dashboard also demonstrates a customer journey funnel of how many people listened and responded to your communication. The strategy can be enhanced by opting for a cloud-based call center software solution, like Brightpattern, to manage all calls coming into the database. New leads can be accurately vetted, and customers can be interacted with immediately.

Content Marketing (Thought Leadership/SEO)

Content Marketing is a premier way to reach new customers in 2019. This is because of its impact-driven model, giving greater information to customers who feel empowered. They’re able to make an informed decision about a certain requirement in the space and can work with your company directly.

Even when it comes to thought leadership, the leading experts in the domain focus on traditional and digital content marketing. Market forces dictate that the attention span of the customer goes to the person or the firm with the best information available. The core offering of quality insights gets businesses more customers through the door, especially when it comes to more technical industries such as AI, Machine Learning, Technology, etc.

Referral Programs (Contact Centers, Digital Outreach, Word of Mouth)

Some of the largest companies in the world, including Airbnb, Uber, and Dropbox, grew through the power of referral programs. They’re the easiest way to bring new customers into the product ecosystem, allowing them to get engaged with your offering better.

Referral programs also allow existing customers to feel incentivized to expand their network to attract similarly minded individuals. It gives them a stronger reason to grow the community of customers under your brand’s reach.  

You can also add discounts, sales, promotions and special offers to a strong referral program thereby supercharging your marketing outreach. In fact, cross-promoting through other brands is a premier strategy to reach a new customer base that is already engaged with a value-chain product or service.