Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is officially legal everywhere in the United States, and if you find yourself wanting to give it a try, you might have a few questions. CBD joints, not to be confused with THC-based products using marijuana, are becoming more and more popular for both recreational purposes and for the beneficial effects customers report from use. While many medical studies are ongoing, the FDA has already approved its first CBD-based prescription medication, Epidiolex, for treatment of certain seizure disorders. Anecdotally, users have said it has shown benefits for conditions from high blood pressure to social anxiety. Before you go out to buy CBD products on your own, let’s go over some basic facts about CBD and CBD cigarettes.

What is CBD?


If you’ve never tried it before, your first question is probably, “What is CBD flower?” First, let’s talk about CBD itself. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s the second most common active ingredient in cannabis. However, unlike THC-laden marijuana, CBD doesn’t produce an intoxicating high. In fact, CBD can only legally contain .3% THC. Hemp flower is the flowering bud on a female cannabis plant. When it comes to CBD production, seedless flower-based products are often the best option. When it comes to the effects, they can vary from person-to-person, but the most commonly reported side effects include enhanced mood, improved quality of sleep, and reduction in pain and inflammation. Since reactions to CBD aren’t the same for everyone, it’s best to try a small quantity at first and then consider more frequent usage if you find it beneficial or enjoyable.

Smoking CBD joints and using oils are the most common forms of CBD consumption, which are arguably safer than other routes. Vaping illness, caused by vaping and e-cigarettes, can cause permanent respiratory problems that require some to seek legal compensation, as it is a form of personal injury. So make sure you’re being responsible and safe when you consume your CBD products.

What is CBD’s current legal status?


Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is now legal for purchase everywhere in the United States. These plants are now considered agricultural commodities, not Schedule I substances. Currently, transport, sale, use, and possession of CBD is legal and permitted in all 50 states, unlike marijuana which remains illegal on a federal level. The Farm Bill will be in effect for 5 years, at which point CBD’s legal status will need to be renewed in order to remain freely available for public use.

Where can I purchase CBD joints?


Now that CBD’s legal status has been confirmed, it’s easy to find and there are more choices than ever. This increase in availability has made it so many low-quality products have flooded the market— products which are often ineffective. Plain Jane, a company that has become popular for their selection and high-quality products, offers hemp flower in a wide variety of strains, so customers can choose something that fits their personal taste. In addition to joints, there are other methods of consumption, including oils, edibles, and lotions. It’s important to purchase from a trusted brand and read customer reviews first. With so many products on the market of inconsistent or low quality, you want to make sure what you’re buying is legitimate.

Doing your research before purchasing CBD will help you understand what exactly you’re buying and save you from wasting money on ineffective or inferior products. For those who enjoy smoking and the relaxation that often accompanies it, CBD joints offer a positive experience without the “high” of weed or the chemicals and risks associated with tobacco cigarettes. Whether you’re looking for something to do recreationally, or you are hoping for help with a condition that CBD may be effective in treating, it might be time to give CBD a try.