As an entrepreneur aspiring to own your own business, it can be hard to know where to start. There’s a limitless amount of opportunities out there, but how do you hone in on the right one for you? Researching your options thoroughly can help you find a business opportunity that’s fit for you. Here are some ideas for businesses that are simple and easy to start.

Provide an essential service.


There will always be a demand for essential businesses, so providing your own essential services is a great idea. Plumbing, electric, mechanics, and even culinary arts are all industries that people frequently need services from. The first step to starting an essential business is having extensive knowledge of that field or industry. A great way to become an expert in your field is to enroll in an occupational studies degree program. Getting an associates of occupational studies will help you stand out amongst other business owners in your industry.

NYADI in New York offers an AOS degree program for automotive technology. They also offer certificate programs that you can complete while you are working towards your associate’s degree. Their certificate programs allow you to gain real-world experience in specific areas of automotive technology and repair while still completing your AOS degree program in the same amount of time. Having your AA in automotive and information technology will help you build a positive reputation as a mechanic from the start.

Become a franchisee.


If you want to own your own business but you’re unsure of where to start, becoming a franchise owner is a great option for you. Taking advantage of an essential franchise opportunity will allow you to be your own boss while creating an essential business with a proven business model in your community. The UPS Store is a perfect choice for someone who is looking to start a new franchise. They have over 5,000 franchisee owned locations all across North America. As a franchisee you have access to a franchise system with other top performers across the U.S. who can support you in your journey.

If you’re a prospective franchisee you know the benefits of pursuing a franchise opportunity rather than starting your own business from scratch. The UPS Store has been offering franchise opportunities for 40 years, and their trusted name, low-start franchise fee, and passion can help you advance in your career path. As a franchisee, their proven business model and extensive training will put you on the path to success. An essential business franchise brings crucial and necessary services to your community, and the UPS Store also supports in-store profit centers for their franchisees.

As a franchise owner with the UPS Store you can choose to take ownership of an existing location or open a new store. The UPS Store supports real estate in many diverse areas, even extremely rural areas. Even though these stores may not have as high a volume as stores in urban areas, they have low-start costs and provide an essential service to communities that may not have access to these kinds of services.

Run your business from home.


If you have work experience as a freelance writer or independent contractor, you know that these industries often come with difficult times. Opportunites come and go, and can be an unreliable source of income at time. Especially now, because of COVID-19, more and more people are working from home and trying their hand at freelancing. If you’re tired of having to seek out freelance work, you should consider starting your own editorial services business from home.

Writing copy, creating blog posts, offering digital personal assistant and public relations services, and even freelance graphic design and illustration all fall under the umbrella of editorial services. Starting your own business for your editorial services truly allows you to be your own boss because clients will seek you out for your services, rather than you having to apply to freelance gigs as an individual. It’s important to do your due diligence before starting your own WFH business, so that you’ll have a better understanding of the industry’s markets and a better time finding success with the services you decide to offer.