Australia has a robust health care system that is ranked the third-best among the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries worldwide. This means that Australian residents can access a universal public health insurance program (Medicare), where the government finances most medical expenses. Other Australians also opt for equally great private hospitals with packages from private health insurers. If you’re lost for choice or don’t know where to start, check out these methods to find Australia’s best health insurance plan.

Online Search


Medical insurance is accepted by many people globally as a great way to access health care. About 91 percent of United States citizens have health insurance coverage even though the majority of health seekers in the U.S. prefer private providers. The situation is almost the same in Australia, where more than half of the country’s people have private health insurance. In recent years, with the advancement in internet business communications, finding a health insurer can be as simple as typing “best health insurance Australia” into your search box.

The online search results can present several options to choose from. Some insurers have different packages for permanent residents and other travel insurance plans. You can develop your own criteria to assess these options to arrive at the best insurance provider that fits your needs.

Friends and Relatives

If online searches don’t convince you, you can try friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Friends sharing experiences on the quality of care they receive can be a better way of ensuring your peace of mind with your insurance provider. However, swallowing recommendations from friends whole without assessing specifics like premiums and extras can be an issue. Some friends dealing with chronic conditions may be on packages that demand extra care, resulting in higher costs. It’s important to assess your health needs and downsize or improve your package.

Health Blogs and Magazines


Some health blogs do a great job listing out the best health insurers in specific periods, mostly per year. Some of these health blogs may go a step further to review the distinct packages and elements you need to consider. However, note that some health providers can influence the information provided by health blogs and magazines through affiliate sponsorships. You can compare different information from multiple blogs to ascertain package features and health services.

Insurance Experts

Discussing your decision with insurance experts can be a surefire way to select the best insurance in Australia. Many insurers provide efficient front-desk services with customer reps that’ll be eager to listen and provide you with many reasons you should do business with them. Comparison shopping multiple alternatives can be beneficial, so start by making a list of your preferred choices based on their prices and customer interaction.

Location can be a factor in your final decision if you have chronic conditions and may need to call on your providers frequently. However, you may not have to worry about location if your providers favor digital strategies in dealing with clients via social media, web platforms, or mobile apps. If your insurer has a mobile app or mobile money payment codes, it can save you the hassle of moving from home to make claims or settle any confusion about out-of-pocket charges.

Also, note that some providers may have coverage limits that may not be favorable for your health issues. For instance, an insurance policy may exempt dental care appointments from the coverage options. Other private options may also have a selected number of health care providers on their list, and dealing with providers outside of this list may result in higher charges for health services.

We hope the above will help you find the most suitable health care for your needs.