Lawyers are legal experts who spend several years studying law before earning their Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Lawyers have the skills, training, and credentials required to provide legal counsel, prepare legal documents, and argue legal cases in court.

Lawyers may opt to specialize in several fields of law, including immigration law, family law, environmental law, business law, and personal injury law. You can become a personal injury attorney by following the steps outlined here.

Earn a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline.


You must complete undergraduate studies and earn a bachelor’s degree. You can choose from several disciplines. Lawyers need strong analytical skills, which can be developed by taking courses in mathematics. Lawyers also need excellent research skills, which can be developed through studies in almost any postsecondary discipline.

Aspiring lawyers should also take courses that develop their interpersonal and communication skills. Courses that offer opportunities for public speaking will ensure you develop the comfort and confidence needed to present legal arguments in court and talk to clients. You may also be interested in taking engineering courses to ensure you understand basic mechanics and how automobiles are constructed, which could be beneficial if you’re pursuing an injury case stemming from an accident caused by a mechanical defect.

Use admissions consulting experts to prepare for graduate studies.

Use law school admissions consulting experts to develop an academic strategy to ensure you acquire the skills needed to become a licensed lawyer. You’ll have an opportunity to gain insight from graduates from Ivy League colleges, such as Harvard, Columbia, and Yale, and other leading academic institutions, such as Stanford. Your admissions consultant will clarify your goals and determine how you can ensure you’re accepted to one of the top law schools in the country. Your admissions consultant will help you prepare your application and provide information about the leading law schools and how each law school differs to ensure you target the best law school for your career objectives.

Prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

The LSAT is a standardized test. Most law schools recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) require applicants to pass the LSAT to qualify for acceptance. The LSAT test takes half a day to complete. It tests applicants’ reading comprehension, writing skills, and reasoning skills.

Attend law school.

You must earn a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an accredited law school. Earning your law degree from a law school recognized by the ABA will increase your career options when you graduate. Law school programs cover several core courses, such as classes in civil litigation and contract law. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a specialization and take courses equipping you for a career in that legal specialty. Opting for a program with an excellent personal injury program will ensure you have the knowledge needed to pursue a career as a personal injury attorney when you graduate.

Gain practical experience.


During your summer breaks, you may be able to gain relevant experience by working as a paralegal or legal assistant in a law firm. Paralegals and legal assistants perform research for cases and prepare legal documents. You’ll gain familiarity with law office protocols and build connections in the industry that can help you secure a position as an attorney when you graduate.

Pass the bar exam.

Once you earn your law degree, study for the bar exam, every lawyer in the United States must pass the bar exam to qualify to practice law. It takes two-to-three days to complete the bar exam.

Apply for opportunities with reputable personal injury law firms.


Personal injury lawyers prepare lawsuits on behalf of people injured in accidents. Personal injury lawyers may also represent people affected by medical malpractice and wrongful deaths. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients, ensuring people assume the cost of legal fees when they have a valid legal case. It’s crucial for people affected by personal injuries to hire a law firm specializing in this field of law because personal injury attorneys are familiar with relevant case law that they can use to strengthen their clients’ legal cases.

Once you’ve obtained your law degree and law license, Google “injury lawyer Denver” to find reputable personal injury attorneys in your area. Apply for openings with those personal injury law firms. You can launch your career working as an associate for an injury law firm. You may choose to become a partner in the firm or start your own practice after gaining experience.

To become a personal injury lawyer, you must earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree. You must pass the LSAT to be admitted to law school and pass the bar exam once you graduate.