Employees are more productive and put out better work when they’re happy, healthy, and part of a positive team environment. For this reason, many business owners and leaders in the U.S. are doing all they can to ensure employee wellness through wellness programs aimed at positive and healthy lifestyles. If you’re a business leader interested in how you can help make employee health a priority in your company, read on.

Education on Wellness Products and Diets


One great way to improve employee health is to incorporate educational programming in any company wellness program. Whether this means an informal partnership with a local farm or health food shop or bringing in speakers to talk about the health benefits to things like Sera wellness products, by providing your employees with know-how about healthier lifestyles, eating habits, exercise routines, supplements, and more, they’ll be that much closer to better health overall.

CBD products like those made at Sera Labs, for example, are a great way to help employees relax and get a good night’s sleep at an affordable price. Less expensive than regular therapy, the benefits of CBD products like CBD gummies and tinctures can mean not only better-rested employees but higher overall productivity for your company.

Other fantastic educational opportunities could be healthy diets, a talk by a licensed nutritionist, and even an invitation from a local chef to come and teach your employees a new, healthy recipe.

Providing Great Coverage


If your goal is to improve employee health, the first place to start is mental health. To give your employees peace of mind, make sure you’re offering the types of life insurance that will cover them and their families in the event of a tragedy. Especially with Covid-19 and the global pandemic, more and more people are reporting struggles with anxiety and rumination about their own mortality. For this reason, providing great coverage with a trusted life insurance company is important. Before figuring out which plans to offer, ask questions about the life of the policy, death benefits, cash values, payouts, full death benefits, options for educational funds on dependents, and term coverages. These specific terms will make a big difference to the level of protection your employees experience in the future.

If you’re not sure providing life insurance with a full death benefit could help your employees now, try putting yourself in their shoes. Imagine if your spouse was left with the cost of your funeral and no income because you didn’t have insurance or had the wrong variable universal life insurance plan. Picture your dependents trying to figure out what to do without you around. Your employees are no different. For this reason, a good life insurance policy with great term coverage is something you can do to help their mental health now.

When thinking about coverage, don’t forget about offering healthcare coverage at an affordable price. Employees who have low deductibles and good policies are more likely to get regular checkups and have fewer absences. You’re acting in their best interest when it comes to any insurance policies you offer, and this will help them understand that their trusted leader wants them healthy, too.

Encouraging a Team Culture


When thinking about how to improve your employees’ health, it’s a good idea to look at what other companies are up to. From wellness programs and wellness incentive programs to team building programs and creating a culture of caring, it’s smart to get ideas from places where it’s working. John Foresi from Venterra Realty is an example of the type of business leader to look to if stuck on ideas for how to encourage healthy lifestyles in employees.

At Venterra Realty, John Foresi, Chairman of Venterra Realty, believes in a team approach to any successful business model. The great news is you don’t have to be in real estate or renting out corporate apartments to bring those same ideas to your business. A quick Google search for team-building workshops, retreats, and challenges will show you how you can use this team approach to decrease stress and promote well-being in your employees.

At the end of the day, employee wellness relates directly back to how successful a business is. Research shows that healthy employees are more motivated and productive when they believe their employer is looking out for them. You can show your employees that you care by implementing a wellness program today. If you aren’t sure where to begin, start with something basic like a team-building day with guest speakers and resources your best workers might be interested in.