While restaurants are always great for a good time, knocking back a few drinks and some delicious food, it is actually an accident-prone place for workers and diners alike. It is important for any restaurant to have protection and legal counsel in the event of any incident that may arise.

Here are just a few cases where having legal assistance could spare a restaurant owner or worker from a lawsuit that could have a damaging impact on the business in the long run.

Licenses and Permits


It is important to have a lawyer that can guide you through all of the legal hurdles that come with establishing your establishment. Malliha Wilson, a Tamil Canadian lawyer and former Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the Canadian province of Ontario, specializes in human rights, labour law, and other complex litigation. As a current Senior Partner at the law firm Nava Wilson LLP, Wilson recognizes the guidelines that any restaurant needs to recognize the humanity of their workers, whether it is in Canada, the United States, or anywhere across the globe.

In hiring a lawyer for a restaurant, you are just solely hiring a litigator. You need counsel to guide a business through obtaining a variety of licenses, like a permit for handling food, the most basic requirement from a local government. There’s also obtaining a liquor license through a state liquor control commission. If a business has issues with crowd control, a permit is needed from the fire or police departments. This gives clearance to the number of people allowed inside provided there are enough serviceable exits in the event of an emergency.

Health and Safety


Restaurants are all about customer satisfaction, with significant health and safety protocols in place to assure that whatever food and drink reaches a table is safe for consumers. Beyond permits, restaurants are regularly monitored by local health departments with inspections that in recent years, delve into more than just the food itself. Inspections also look into refrigeration systems, cooking equipment, and waste disposal. Legal counsel can come to the aid of the specifics in making sure a business’ rights are not violated during the inspection process.

Any owner can rely on something like a Seattle restaurant store for everything in restaurant supply. Glassware, pots and pans, and silverware must be at peak sanitation at all times to assure the safety of people. It is important to have easy access to replenish your supplies. There’s also the opportunity to upgrade outdated appliances like dishwashers, ovens, stoves, and fryers. By opting for newer units, it is easier to focus on the upkeep and cleanliness by essentially starting fresh. Be sure to draw attention to new appliances with your legal counsel when potentially discussing insurance policies for your entity.

Employee Protections


Having proper legal counsel allows proper instruction for the most basic employment law issues, such as:

  • Illegal discrimination
  • Workers compensation
  • Handling the hiring process

Legal counsel can actually help to create a useful job application that does not include any illegal questions or violating any privacy laws. They can also help establish guidelines for interview questions that are useful but also legally permitted. If there are ever any uncertainties, businesses can also consult the Department of Labor website.

Beyond employment law, it is important to consider the basic comforts of your employees on the grounds of your establishment. Be sure to assure comfortable air conditioning in the summer, and heating in the winter. Understand the differences between cooling systems, such as the capacity that an outdoor unit can handle for your venue. Make sure that your HVAC system is not running up your energy costs during active months. As an employer, always try to find the best way to make everyone happy from your head chef to your busser.