Your legal firm is responsible for a lot of information. As a lawyer, you’re dealing with sensitive issues and high-stakes problems. Whether you’re debating contracts, settling a divorce, or trying to prosecute a criminal, you need to be sure you’re doing your job effectively, safely, and securely. The last thing you want is for sensitive information to get out or be shared with the wrong eyes.

Security is important in any business, but it is especially crucial for your legal firm. From your notable cases to simple litigation, you want to guarantee your clients that their personal details and data are completely private. In a world where hackers can get intimate details online with a few clicks of a button, it’s up to you to take extra steps to help keep your legal firm secure. This will add to the success of your overall company. As you look to improve your law firm, here are a few security tips to help you keep intimate information private and secure.

Secure your internet and networks.

The worldwide web has truly transformed how we do business and live every day. While this is a great development in so many ways, it didn’t come without issues. Hackers and cyberattacks happen more frequently than anyone would like. You want to be sure your law firm is using network capabilities that are safe and secure. This can start with your network devices and Wi-Fi connectors. Check out a ubiquiti unifi access point as a leading provider for your secure network. With a number of accessories from the Ubiquiti store, you can find a compatible type of network that boasts a secure access point. Rely on a router that puts your security goals into sharp focus, so you can feel peace of mind that your client’s information is protected.

Make sure you trust the people you’re working with.

Security starts with your people. You need to hire a team of lawyers and senior counsel who you trust explicitly. After all, they’re working with sensitive information and individual clients, so you want to be sure they’re going to keep that information private. Experience and past success can help you judge who you want to be involved with your legal services. Malliha Wilson is a perfect example of this. She has made a career as a special legal advisor all the way onto the Ontario Assistant Deputy Attorney General’s office. As a human rights activist, you know you can trust her judgment and secure channels of communication. When it comes to legal services, you want a team of people like Malliha that you know you can trust and rely on.

Invest in physical security measures.

Just because so many forms of communication and data points have moved to digital platforms, doesn’t mean you can ignore physical security measures. It’s up to you to secure your law firm and buildings as well. Look into getting an alarm system or video cameras. Even having secure safes and shredders for sensitive information you no longer need can help you keep sensitive documents secure. Make sure you keep this data away from prying eyes with better physical security.

Create an understanding between you and your clients on confidentiality.

As a lawyer, you always want to make sure you and your clients are on the same page. When it comes to security, you need to lay out your confidentiality policy. Draw up language that works for all your clients in their contracts when they first hire you as their lawyer. This open communication will help them see your ambitious goals while being reassured that their information is protected and secure.