There’s no denying the fact that diamonds and gold have both cultivated esteemed reputations for being some wonderful eye candy. Maybe you have a memory of seeing a stunning diamond pendant as a young, curious, wide-eyed kid. And from there, you embarked upon a lifelong journey with love for whatever jewelry you could feast your hungry eyes upon and ultimately add to your own jewelry box.

It’s almost as if being a human means that we all carry with us an innate appreciation for shiny pendants, necklaces, diamond necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry. However, before we get too carried away with detailing the common human experience of falling in love with pieces of jewelry, it’s also fun to take a closer look at why diamonds and gold are so valuable.

What’s up with diamonds being so expensive?

Many of us have fallen prey to the myth that diamonds are so notoriously expensive because they’re exceedingly rare. Well, the short and skinny of that false, widely perpetuated assumption is that the world is in no short supply of diamonds. In fact, diamonds are so pricey because after a huge trove of diamonds was discovered back in the 1800s, De Beers proceeded to monopolize the diamonds to ensure that too many diamonds didn’t flood the market and, as a result, lessen the value of diamonds. With that being said, though, diamonds have always been nothing short of a status symbol, and this also boosts their value.

Perhaps a recently welcomed wave of prosperity has you feeling particularly drawn to investing in one of those diamond pendants. Or, maybe you’re trying to figure out what diamond pendant is perfect for your girlfriend. After all, jewelry’s always been an effective, fun, theatrical way to express your love for someone. Just make sure that you do the necessary research before you fork over the big bucks.

You can help ensure you pick out the right pendant for your special someone by taking a closer look at their jewelry box to see what they’re already drawn to, as well as reading reviews for each product, and also even considering the idea of presenting your partner their gift while on a special vacation. But that’s enough of looking deeper into the allure of diamonds for now and why they’re so valuable. Let’s shift gears and look at why gold is also so expensive.

Why is gold also so valuable?

For starters, gold absolutely crushes it in the sustainability department. Now more than ever, thanks to covid-19, we’re all doubly motivated to be extra mindful of our spending and investment habits. With that being said, the beautiful thing about investing in gold is that it was an even more severe apocalyptic disaster to show its ugly face, and our primary means of transactions were shifted over to gold from paper money, you’d be in for quite the treat. We’re talking about a serious surge in the value of that gold. So, gold manages to garner praise from fellow members of society for its inherent physical beauty. Still, it could also end up appreciating if it were ever used as a widespread form of currency. But, the appeal of gold doesn’t stop there.

Maybe you’ve already been intrigued by one of the many promising gold mining companies and what they’ve done to provide interested investors a channel to funnel their money into. If you haven’t been able to find a gold mining company that’s caught your fancy, you can always look into the exciting stuff that they’re getting up to over in the land of Alamos Gold, Turkey. These guys have managed to conduct a positive feasibility study on the Kirazli gold project, which ultimately turned up results in line with low capital, lower operating costs, and quick payback. As an investor in gold, this is nothing short of music to your ears. Kirazli is definitely one of those projects to keep in mind. They’re one of the highest return, undeveloped gold projects in any environment. That’s no small feat.

We’ve touched on some of the key factors that contribute to gold and diamonds being so valuable. Outside of all the nitty-gritty details, so many of us enjoy the process of outfitting ourselves in eye-catching jewelry that ends up being the talk of the town. A little vanity now and again never hurt anyone.